Latest News: Carolina Creek and the Backroad Breeze releases their latest music video "Just a Matter of Time" receiving a great response.
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Carolina Creek and the Backroad Breeze is:
Tom Foley (guitars, percussion, background vocals)
Ralph Merigliano (Piano and Keyboards)
Hal Stroud (vocals)
Amanda Cross (vocals)
Melissa Goscinsky (vocals)
Matt Newton (vocals)
Adam McOwen (fiddle, mandolin)
Greg Holt (fiddle)
Paul Santa Croce (Drums)
Nelson McPhereson (bass)


Carolina Creek and the Backroad Breeze is a 10 member country band from North Carolina, Nashville, Oklahoma, and New York City. Tom Foley and Ralph Merigliano started the band in 2016 and very shortly after began inviting the other band members to join.

It's a pretty big band and thee are four singers (like Alabama or Lonestar). The sound is a cross between old style classic country, southern rock, country pop, and 60's and 70's country.

Tom and Ralph had played with Paul Santa Croce (the drummer) a long ago in a heavy rock band and Paul 15 years ago introduced Tom to Chazz Menendez who directed the music video for the first single "Don't Quit Your Day Job." Chazz in turn introduced Tom to an ex-NYC cop John Poluccio who was doing a tribute song for a friend of his who died on 9/11. During that session Tom met Hal Stroud who John invited to sing and Tom said to him "If I ever start a country band, you will be the first person I call." And that's exactly what happened. If John Poluccio had never invited Tom or Hal together to perform on that tribute song in the studio, this band and this album would have looked totally different. Now, Hal who sings on our first single "Just a Matter of Time" and two other songs on the album has a great old style country voice that works great on some of the band's old school old style classic country songs but also the new style country music.

It turns out that most of us are from different places (North Carolina, Nashville, Oklahoma, and New York) but we all have something in common; a love for making good music.... and we all come together for Carolina Creek and the Backroad Breeze. At the moment, most of the band members live in New York City. Being a large band, there are many places and opportunities to have our singers do beautiful harmonies. On the song "How do I say Goodbye," every singer is on the song. Every song has at least one if not two other band members singing back-up.

Stay tuned as we get ready to start filming our 3rd music video "Momma."





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